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A Tale of Two Blogs


In August of 2010 I started my first blog. I had spent my entire summer “stalking” the Two Writing Teachers blog. I coveted. I envied. I dreamed. And finally I jumped. I jumped into the blogging world with First Grade and Fence Posts, and my first post. I was soon opened up to and living through a whole new world.

I have always dreamed of “writing” and thanks to Ruth and Stacey I now had a venue. The friends I “met” and the stories I read from others made my week, and encouraged me to do MORE. In March of 2011 I joined in the Slice of Life Challenge Ruth and Stacey host. I was in LOVE! I sliced each day (except when I had internet trouble), I read comments, made comments, and spent my day dreaming of what I would slice about next. I spoke of Linda, Michelle, the “other Ruth,” Elsie, and so many more to my husband as if they were our closest of neighbors and friends.

Slicing opened my eyes to Professional Development that I had only dreamed of. These bloggers knew who Katie Ray Wood, Debbie Miller, and so many more were, and could join in talks and discussions of their great work (something my teacher friends at my small school couldn’t). They led me to a professional development experience in the summer of 2011 that I still think and write about (a 98/100 on my literature review of Debbie Miller this fall!!! Woo hoo).

And then came the awareness of other blogs in blog-land. I stumbled upon Abby at The Inspired Apple, and Cara Carroll at The First Grade Parade. And I fell in awe again. These ladies did it all. They not only blogged but they posted the items they used, and shared ideas for classrooms, and teaching units. Through their example Klinger Café was born.

I tried the combining of the two blogs, but they somehow did not mesh. FGFP is my first love, my place to reflect, gripe, boast, whine, and create stories-thoughts of MY world-my life. It’s where I feel I can write and be me, and will always be accepted.

KC is where I try to keep up (but can’t). I have been introduced to blog buttons, blog stalking, blog hops, giveaways, freebies, and linky parties. I have worked at figuring them all out. I don’t know how to post creative worksheets (yet). I am afraid of breaking “blogging rules” that many speak of (although I have yet to find them written in stone anywhere), and I have not learned the mechanics of cute graphics and lettering, but I am working on it. I am drawn to all the wonderful “teacher” blogs out there. I have “met” many amazing and wonderful teachers, and am appreciative of all they too have shown me, and helped me experience.

The past weeks I have contemplated the difference in the two blogging worlds, and which I prefer (I have trouble keeping up with both), which one I should let go, and which one I should devote my time to. But I can’t let go, or maybe I won’t. I love my “slicing” at FGFP and have a good time with “linking” and “stalking” at KC.

I am appreciative to the growth they have given me, and the world they have both opened me up to (although different ways). I hope I’m not breaking any rules or losing any “buddies” through my plight of two blogs, but until I learn how to join them in harmony I will continue my life as a double blogger, and do my best to give them equal time.

Thanks for allowing me to tag along as I muddle through my blogging endeavors. I hope everyone has the best of holiday season, it is warm (40ish) here in Ok, but snow is lurking next door in Kansas….if only it would blow a little this way.