Whale Watching From the Heartland

As I’ve said before- I’m not a water person. Water has never been my thing like my daughter. The closest I want to be to water is on the “dock of the bay…” with a good book, sketch pad, or my notebook.

 But then last night and this morning I watched on the news two men kayaking in the middle of the ocean, they were in a kayak, incredibly close, close enough to touch, videoing whales. I was awe struck. What great-beautiful creatures. I found myself thinking “I would love to do that-see that, see them, that close-close enough to touch.”

 I of course live in the middle of the country nowhere near an ocean, or whales. It will probably never happen. But I can do a unit on whales for my class. I can bring them into our world through the world of teaching. I can find ways to see, hear, learn, and hopefully feel the greatness of these amazing creatures, for me and my students.

 My sweet student teacher starts teaching full time in the next few weeks. I will start working on a unit of whales.

 I wonder what else I can bring to Oklahoma that my students and I may never have the prospect of seeing…feeling…


4 responses to this post.

  1. There are so many amazing resources out there on whales. Your kids will love learning about them. I took my kids on a journey of the rainforest one year because we got excited reading a Magic Tree House book about it. I love those teachable moments were interest is high. Have fun!


  2. Isn’t it funny where our inspirations come from! Good luck on your whale unit


  3. Great idea, to take them looking, even in Oklahoma. Go to the Monteray Bay Aquarium site-awesome. I’ve had the privilege of taking my students on the ocean several times, & whale watched. The closest & best experience was in Boston. You might look at the migration stuff happening right now in various places across the country. There are web cams sometimes too, & contacts with ships out there. I love that you will do this.


  4. Your last word: feeling. What a good question for us: How can we bring experiences into our classrooms to help students feel in new ways? Thanks for sharing and stretching me.


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