Once in a Blue Moon

I love days all about ME! I admit it I am a brat. I love the days that I am the center of. Of course as a mom everyone knows they don’t come but every blue moon… in odd years…and cool nights… but this year… I, ME, MOM had a day with nothing but ME ME ME in it!!

Last Friday I picked up my BRAND new sewing machine. For you sewers out there it is a Phaff. The last sewing machine I bought was when I needed a reliable machine to make maternity clothes. I was pregnant with my son…he will be 22 next month.

My hubby took me to pick it up, and then told me I should have got the more expensive one! We then went to lunch, and shopping for new shoes…I got jewelry instead from a gift card my son gave me for my birthday.

But it didn’t end there! When I got home (had to drop the hubby at the fire department to fight fire) there were THREE boxes on my front porch all of them for…yep you guessed it ME!!!!

New shoes from the birthday money my mom and mom in law gave me. A brand new box of BOOKS from Amazon, AND a huge box of bags from Thirty One I had ordered.

I even had time for a short little nap. Then it was supper with my favorite kids (mine), my mom, and my brother in from Montana.

Oh I do so LOVE those rare and fun filled days that are all about ME, even though they are few and far between. It helps me remember the really important things; like family, kids, new shoes, naps, and a really nice sewing machine!

I hope you all have a day full of YOU, soon…before the next blue moon!


6 responses to this post.

  1. Sounds like a fabulous day! We don’t often take those days for ourselves. Glad you got to enjoy it!


  2. Happy, happy day! So glad you got to have one and it did sound fabulous, especially going on and on and on. (I can hardly wait!)


  3. There are 2 days that are mine to do with as I wish, birthday and Mother’s Day. It sure it fun to have them, but the pressure to make them special sometimes drives me crazy.


  4. Yeah for you! Fun. You refreshed me just reading about your fun.


  5. That was a GREAT MEday! Everyone deserves a MEday like that someday! I am happy that you got to have one. They’re the best!


  6. ME days are just wonderful! I’m so glad you finally got yours — well deserved I’m sure!


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