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It’s a great day!


Do you ever wake up and just know “this is going to be a great day?” That is the way I woke up this morning. No reason really. It’s just Tuesday. Nothing special about this Tuesday. Nothing special about this week. It just feels like a great day.

Then I opened the ice maker and ice rained down on me and all over the floor, twice. I put the dogs out and stepped in “something” in the yard in my best shoes. I cooked breakfast for my daughter and she grabbed a granola bar on her way out instead. I sat down to write and my computer went blank…battery dead. And now when I was way ahead of schedule I am running 10 minutes behind.

But you know what? It’s going to be a GREAT day. A GREAT Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday Slicing friends!


On a personal note…I have BIG favor to ask my writing friends. I have a rough draft of a paper due tonight. It has been a LOOOOONG time since I have turned in a “paper” for a grade. Is there anyone out there willing to “read” my rough draft and let me know what I need to do or add??? PLEASE??? I can email it to you if you will send me your email.






Whale Watching From the Heartland

As I’ve said before- I’m not a water person. Water has never been my thing like my daughter. The closest I want to be to water is on the “dock of the bay…” with a good book, sketch pad, or my notebook.

 But then last night and this morning I watched on the news two men kayaking in the middle of the ocean, they were in a kayak, incredibly close, close enough to touch, videoing whales. I was awe struck. What great-beautiful creatures. I found myself thinking “I would love to do that-see that, see them, that close-close enough to touch.”

 I of course live in the middle of the country nowhere near an ocean, or whales. It will probably never happen. But I can do a unit on whales for my class. I can bring them into our world through the world of teaching. I can find ways to see, hear, learn, and hopefully feel the greatness of these amazing creatures, for me and my students.

 My sweet student teacher starts teaching full time in the next few weeks. I will start working on a unit of whales.

 I wonder what else I can bring to Oklahoma that my students and I may never have the prospect of seeing…feeling…

Once in a Blue Moon

I love days all about ME! I admit it I am a brat. I love the days that I am the center of. Of course as a mom everyone knows they don’t come but every blue moon… in odd years…and cool nights… but this year… I, ME, MOM had a day with nothing but ME ME ME in it!!

Last Friday I picked up my BRAND new sewing machine. For you sewers out there it is a Phaff. The last sewing machine I bought was when I needed a reliable machine to make maternity clothes. I was pregnant with my son…he will be 22 next month.

My hubby took me to pick it up, and then told me I should have got the more expensive one! We then went to lunch, and shopping for new shoes…I got jewelry instead from a gift card my son gave me for my birthday.

But it didn’t end there! When I got home (had to drop the hubby at the fire department to fight fire) there were THREE boxes on my front porch all of them for…yep you guessed it ME!!!!

New shoes from the birthday money my mom and mom in law gave me. A brand new box of BOOKS from Amazon, AND a huge box of bags from Thirty One I had ordered.

I even had time for a short little nap. Then it was supper with my favorite kids (mine), my mom, and my brother in from Montana.

Oh I do so LOVE those rare and fun filled days that are all about ME, even though they are few and far between. It helps me remember the really important things; like family, kids, new shoes, naps, and a really nice sewing machine!

I hope you all have a day full of YOU, soon…before the next blue moon!