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The PBR’s Coming

His name is Henry James

Hank to his friends and such

He does his job well

With the quickest touch.


He lines them up fast and secures them just so

First one then another

till it’s their time to go.


He’s knows their strength and what they can do

knows the build-up is the best

but if it wasn’t for him,

They could forget all the rest.


The crowd settles down

just waiting to see

a nod from a head

And Hank sets them free.


He scrambles up high so not in the way

The crowd goes wild

hoping the cowboy makes his pay.


Hank waits for the dust and the muck  to clear

The bull squares off, full of spit and steam

the clowns work hard in spite of the fear.


The cowby holds tight on a prayer and some fate.

but Hank knows none of this would be

if HE didn’t open the gate!