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whew what a week (s)

I’ve been trying very hard to get it all together. We are into our third week of school (second full week) and I still feel as if I’m running in slow motion trying to get everything done I need to. This past week we started our first week full time. It was a long and tiring week for first graders and teacher alike. But we made it through and are back again this week!

I started my graduate class at OSU last week as well. It is 45 minutes away, and at 7:20 at night until 10:00. I am usually in bed at “dark-thirty” as my hubby likes to say, so this is a struggle for me. I found myself in a classroom full of young smart not- yet- hired- so I’ll go to graduate school- teachers and I felt like a million years old. I must have had some strange looks on my face because after class the professor (thankfully we’re a little closer in age) laid her hand on my arm and asked if I “was ok.” I think so….it’s just very different from first grade. 🙂

Last week was also the first week for my NEW student teacher. She is from our town and very sweet. The kids and I are both very excited to have her in our classroom. I told her I felt I owed her an apology because she was “stuck” with me as her cooperating teacher, because things have been C-R-A-Z-Y these first few weeks, but she says she feels right at home. Yay for the crazies! My student teacher from last year was hired to teach third grade in our building. I am very excited. She had to hurry and get her room ready in about three days’ time, so she is a bit frazzled as well. It is nice to have her in our school, and hopefully she and I both can help Lindsay through her student teacher days!

I have decided to make a schedule for slicing, and blogging so that I don’t miss out like I have the last two weeks. That is my goal for the LOOOOOONNNGGG weekend! I have packed a few slices in one here but I hope I’m all caught up now and can make that schedule and stick to it. That is my hope….this week.


That’s my story and I’m sticking to it…

first day of school 2010

My daughter starts her senior year in high school tomorrow. As she pulls out of the drive in a cloud of dust I will have my hand in the air and a smile on my face. Not a tear will fall.

Before she goes I will give her a hug take our “first day of school” photo, and tell her to have a great day. Not a tear will fall.

I’m not going to picture her so many years before (that seem like yesterday) bouncing down the hall ready to start her school years in the “big school” her brother went to. I won’t see her
smiling and waving me away, when I tell her to have a great day. Not a tear will fall.

I’m not going to find myself-after she’s gone- looking through her pictures on the shelf. There, as her one year old self, dressed in the dress my grandma made me when I was that age. Not a tear will fall.

I’m not going to stand there on senior night for her swim team thinking back to her first lessons, seeing her as she begs me to let her jump off the high dive. I finally relented and walked her out to the edge. She jumped off-laughing all the way. I turned and climbed down. Not a tear will fall on that day.

I won’t see her all dressed up eager to cross the stage in her paper-made hat on her Kindergarten graduation day; as she steps across the stage again in May. I will only see the lovely amazing young woman she has become, and feel the pride and anticipation of what is still to come. Not a tear will fall.

I will not think about her leaving this time next year, and going excitedly into the world on her own. I won’t warn the world to watch out- Hadley is on her way. She will accomplish amazing things, be an amazing women, a beautiful girl inside and out. She already is. Not a tear will fall.

I will not think about the days gone by, or miss the times we’ve shared. I will not picture her in my
arms, or at age eleven standing taller than me. I won’t see the way she’d grab her grandpa’s hand at two and lead him along (sometimes into doors, he was blind) saying “come on papa, cookie.”  won’t picture her trailing after her brother determined to do everything he could do. Not a tear will fall.

I’ll only see our girl on her way to start of her senior year, full of hope and determination to make this a great year. Not a tear will fall.

As the song goes-that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Not a tear will fall…..

Yeah, probably not.


age 1

16 years

Recipe Party

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The PBR’s Coming

His name is Henry James

Hank to his friends and such

He does his job well

With the quickest touch.


He lines them up fast and secures them just so

First one then another

till it’s their time to go.


He’s knows their strength and what they can do

knows the build-up is the best

but if it wasn’t for him,

They could forget all the rest.


The crowd settles down

just waiting to see

a nod from a head

And Hank sets them free.


He scrambles up high so not in the way

The crowd goes wild

hoping the cowboy makes his pay.


Hank waits for the dust and the muck  to clear

The bull squares off, full of spit and steam

the clowns work hard in spite of the fear.


The cowby holds tight on a prayer and some fate.

but Hank knows none of this would be

if HE didn’t open the gate!