Day Two…whew

Day two of “Klinger Krusade” finds me exhausted. With very little sleep last night and no nap in the car (unlike Hadley) my feet are dragging, as well as other parts of me.

We left Terra Haute around 9:00 this morning and made it to Warsaw by 1:00, raining all the way.  The landscape between here and there is amazing. Everything is so green and pretty. The farms are really well taken care of (no crap piles here like you know who), and almost all of them are freshly painted. White seems to be the color of choice, and next to the lush green fields and trees it is stunning. The big red barns are my favorite though.

Today I learned Kokomo, Indiana is where author Norman Bridwell is from; he wrote the children’s books Clifford the Big Red Dog.  We drove through it today.

I learned the trees all clumped together in the middle of open spaces are “planted hardwoods.”

I learned the Warsaw High School is HUGE, I hope I don’t get lost.  

I learned Lake Michigan is also HUGE and cold, but pretty. And “steelheads” are what people fish for in Lake Michigan. They are trout that swim up the creek (not crick and I don’t know which one) and then live in the lake and get really big. They use cooked shrimp as bait! One guy caught one that was 18lbs today. I did not get to see it. A man just told me about it.

I learned if I had my brother’s camera I would have been able to get a better picture of the yacht I saw today. Maybe someday.

I learned there is an Amish town that has quilts and serves dinner just mere minutes from here (guess where we’re going after class tomorrow).

I learned a mother’s guilt must never end because I feel really bad that we did not do this when Kanten could be with us. But then I remembered he did not take us to Billings with him, and that he won’t be taking us to Washington next year, and he got a new truck, I feel a little better now 🙂

Most importantly we learned that apparently there is something called “swimmer’s itch” you can get from swimming in Lake Michigan. Another good reason for me not to like water!

I hope I sleep tonight. I have an early morning and an exciting day tomorrow. And yes, I’m still a little nervous. I think I’ll just be incognito and soak up everything I can. 🙂


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  1. Posted by Michelle on June 21, 2011 at 12:49 am

    Hope you had a great day of learning!


    • I have a full mind and a lot to share, but it’s going to take some sorting and getting my brain wrapped around it all before I post. I have to say the teacher’s I heard from the area were just as informative and great to listen to as the authors that were present today. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow and listening to Debbie Miller. The fun part was the look on the ladies faces that sat next to me in different sessions and asked me where I was from. Oklahoma was a real shocker for them. LOL


  2. Glad it is all you hoped it to be! I attended last year and loved every minute! I still go through my notes to remember those nuggets of truth and inspiration.


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