Four states and 11 hours

Day one of The “Klinger Krusade to Indiana”

Eleven things I learned through four states and eleven hours in a car:

    1. When I say we leave at 7:00 it usually happens by 8:00
    2. Oklahoma is prettier the further east you travel (ok I already knew this one but it’s nice to be reminded)
    3. Hadley travels much better at age 17 than age 7
    4. The Nook and a DVD player is a must for any traveler in a vehicle for longer than 2 hours
    5. I44 and Missouri are not fun, too many travelers too many truckers
    6. Truckers DO own the roads
    7. I will need new tires on the drivers’ side when we return-when Donnie drives he likes to “look” when he “looks” he pulls to the left, the left-hand shoulder has little bumpy things to make sure the driver stays on the road…we found them… A LOT
    8. Illinois has the prettiest farmland, farms, barns and silos I’ve seen so far
    9. Donnie can spot a deer and deer-stand in ANY state we travel through (this I already knew too)
    10. It’s fun to travel with 3 but we miss our number 4 and hope he’s not too hot back in         Oklahoma because it’s a beautiful 75 here in Indiana

            11. You can find many stories waiting to be discovered in four states and eleven hours


One response to this post.

  1. Your list made me laugh. Life is definately better with electronics to occupy one. Welcome to my world, I drive Springfield to St. Louis a lot. Truckers do own the road. Eleven hours in a car is a long time, but when we drive to California, we spend about 16 hours the first day so we can get there in two days. Can’t wait to hear about the conference.


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