Here we go!

Tomorrow we leave for Indiana and the “All Write Conference.” I am feeling, nervous, shy (which rarely happens), worried, apprehensive, excited, and blessed. It is much like my first days walking onto the OSU campus as a thirty year old mom among all the young kids. I thought they all had so much more knowledge than I did just coming out of high school (it had been 13 years for me). But I found out they were just as nervous as I was, and often turned to me for answers because I was so “mature” (if they’d only known the truth).

First I am a little nervous. Which sessions should I choose? Will I know where to go? I’m all alone who will I talk to? What if we get lost? Shy because I will know NO ONE. Worried about what to wear (more on that below). Apprehensive, should I be making my family drive all this way for me? Excited, I know all of these feelings will wash away when I get settled and get to listen to these wonderful presenters, and excited about so many learning opportunities.

Mostly I am feeling blessed. Blessed to have this opportunity given to me by my school. Blessed to have a husband and daughter that are willing to give up two days of their vacation to let me have this. Blessed to have a mom willing to come and stay with our rowdy dogs and be their caregiver for the week. And so, so, blessed to have discovered this conference through the TWT blog, and all the friends I have made through the SOLC in March.

About what I should wear…the email said “it’s summer dress casually.” But here’s my dilemma. In Arizona where I grew up, casual dress was boots and jeans (so was formal you just wore your cleanest boots and best jeans). In Oklahoma casual dress means t-shirts, cut-offs and flip flops in the summer and Carhart and camo in the cooler weather. Ok for my family its boots, jeans, Carhart and camo all year… whether we’re dressed up or not.

BUT I know enough to know that Indiana is a little further east and a little further north….so what exactly does “casual summer dress” mean to them?

Do you think it would be ok to wear my best cut off Carhart- camo shorts, my best t-shirt (sleeves in), and my nicest flip flops? Or just I go for broke and wear my cleanest boots?

Look out Indiana the Okies are coming to town!


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  1. Posted by Michelle on June 17, 2011 at 5:34 pm

    really LOL Tammy…you can imagine with me being from the same basic background and I had to go a few years back to New York City for a Fancy Food Show… fortunately my boss was also born and raised in Arizona and so we were allowed to wear black jeans, western shirt with the company logo and our best boots. We were alright when we were hanging out around our own booth but when we went out for dinner in the evenings wow did we get the looks!!! Have fun learn something new and don’t worry about the clothes be comfortable so you can absorb as much as possible!!!


    • Michelle!!!! You’re from Arizona?? NO wonder we get along so well! Where in Az? I was born in Tempe and still have family and friends in Tucson, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Payson, and Stafford….but Flagstaff is my favorite. So glad someone knows how I feel, really wish you were going to be there! I’ll let you know everything I learn….just don’t let on that you already know it 🙂


  2. Have fun Tammy and take good notes and report back. You are so lucky to get to go. As for clothes be comfortable, remember, most meeting rooms tend to be cold. I always need some kind of light sweater or jacket. You won’t be the only one alone, just smile, say Hi! and a conversation will start up. Most of all savor the learning!!!


  3. Posted by Michelle on June 18, 2011 at 3:42 pm

    Enjoy your trip! Wishing I was there too, but I’m sure you will report back some great ideas. So glad you could talk your family into the adventure. Looking forward to hearing all about it upon your return. 🙂


  4. Posted by Michelle on June 18, 2011 at 3:44 pm

    Just read the other comments. Must be another “Michelle” out there. I’m not sure why my pic doesn’t show up, maybe b/c it’s wordpress and I’ve got the blogspot site. Hmm…well, so nice to have many friends! 🙂



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