Oh my Aching Head

The blogging world is clogging my mind. I have spent the last few days trying to figure out how to make a “blog button.” I want one that people can grab and put on their pages.

I have been discovering many other types of “teacher blogs” out there and they all seem to have one of these buttons, but I have yet to figure them out. I think it goes beyond my first grade skills.

My sweet husband even asked the IT guy at his job to help me out (I think he’s tired of the endless hours in front of the computer and the loud groans coming from its direction). So there I stood in the middle of Wal-Mart this morning trying to explain to the nice IT guy on my cell what it was I wanted, and he trying to tell me how to go about getting it. He finally decided he could email me the details and “if I needed help to let him know.”

Well I still need help. But I’m not going to bother the nice IT guy yet. I’ll just try it one more time.

This all started with the exploration of other “teacher blogs.” I had no idea there are so many out there. And they are all so detailed, enlightening, and “cute.” I use the term “cute” because I have always wanted to “liven” mine up a bit. You know add teachery things (yes I know this is not a word), cute graphics, classroom ideas, etc. But I have discovered that wordpress does not allow such things.

So what’s a teacher to do? Make a new blog. A cute blog. And right now an empty blog. Because who wants to visit a “cute” teacher blog without a button? And who has time to write on two blogs much less one blog and keep it interesting? And who else is crazy enough to spend all their summer vacation time trying to make a blog button, AND then find items to fill the blog with? Like the song goes…what was I thinking?

Just in case you don’t know what I’m talking about when I say “cute” blog or blog buttons cruise on over to www.teachingblogaddict.com and you can find TONS (sorry you cannot see mine it is not done yet, BUT it will be CUTE when it is). The blogs you find there are great for classroom ideas and range from Kindergarten through sixth grade, so far. Many of the bloggers there use the TpT store to sell their items and often have “freebies” and “giveaways” for those that visit or follow their blogs. They also have something called “Linky” parties which is much like SOL where you link up with your site and discuss books, lessons, centers, and other classroom ideas. If you’d like to visit my new “cute” blog void of a blog button or anything else, you can find it at  http://klingercafe.blogspot.com , but no rude comments about not having a button!

One other thing I have started this summer is something called “Burning Question Thursday.” I started it last Thursday and explain it on last Thursday’s post. I hope I get some insight and answers to the many questions that have puzzled me this year, and years past.  

Maybe the one for this Thursday will be; “how do you make a blog button and then post it on your blog for other’s to grab”?!!!

Happy slicing y’all! Only two more weeks until I am in Indiana at the “All Write Institute”   I’ll be the one with eyes wide open, pen in hand, fervently writing everything I can. I hope they let me bring my camera!


9 responses to this post.

  1. Check out some of the button generators over at the Generator Blog’s sidebar, http://generatorblog.blogspot.com/.

    As for the grab ’em functions, you should probably be able to save them as jpg files through WordPress (if jpgs are how you want to go about it.)


  2. I think I’ll have to take much more time looking at the “buttons” but I am so curious, & your blog made it so! I too get caught up in trying to figure out something. I keep telling myself that it’s how I want students to act, be persistent, work it out, get help if needed, but keep going. That’s just how you described your latest challenge. Good luck on the new blog. I’m teaching a class to middle schoolers about blogging next fall so we may use your blog as the beginning of one! Thanks!


  3. Thank you for all the sharing. I am constantly learning new things in this blogging world. So many fun gadgets and doodads. I’m eager to follow your new blog and get answers to my questions as well.


  4. I understand your frustration with the blogging technicalities and I sympathize. I am still trying to figure out how to change fonts and make some words colored. I applaud your ambition, but I hope you don’t give this one up. I enjoy your posts.


  5. When I started blogging I created a “dummy” blog for experimenting on. I don’t have a button either but that is a cool idea.


  6. Mmmm–a blog button….. Interesting. I’m all ears and will look into that. I will be at the Indiana AllWrite Conference for the first evening and day. Maybe I’ll see those wide eyes. I will have a Wawasee School badge along with Ruth!!


    • Oh how exciting! Are you presenting as well? There are so many great sessions I am having a hard time deciding what to go to! Any suggestions? Besides Ruth’s Debbie’s, Ann’s, and Katie’s of course! I look forward to seeing you.
      You don’t happen to have any suggestions of things for my husband and daughter (17) to do while I am in the sessions do you? I noticed a lot of lakes in the area, and they love to fish, do happen to know of any jet ski rentals or boat rental places? They aren’t quite as excited as I am about this trip…I have no idea why? 🙂


  7. I find myself looking at my blog the same way: no calendar, no quote boxes, no buttons, no personality. I also envy all those creative teacher blogs! So now I wonder…how do you get a blog button?


    • I am working hard on it, it is my goal for the week. There are sites that explain how to do it, and I have one made now. The problem is decoding the techy talk about how to make it “grabbable.” I know nothing about HTML…maybe I should ask my teenager :-).


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