Best Laid Plans

Well my summer isn’t starting off exactly as I have planned. In April I envisioned early mornings on my patio, diet Pepsi beside me, birds chirping, dogs tumbling and rolling in the yard, pen and notebook in hand, and the sun peaking its way above the trees to warm my face as I write with enthusiasm and creativity.

Screeeeech reality hits. It’s early morning alright but none of the above has yet to happen. I’m running around to finish last minute plans, moving the college son home and his things overtaking my living room. The last week of school, rushing to fit everything in and plan a get-together with teacher friends; and it storms. We spend every moment looking statewide for a new truck for my son to drive across the state to his internship. The rest of the time we look for a roofer to put on a new roof (from the storms).

Finally school is over, and things seem they will begin to calm. We find a truck, and a roofer. The son leaves for his internship; my living room is clean once again.  School is out and my kiddos are on their way to second grade. My daughter is done with finals and brought home straight A’s (woot woot) and informs me she is NOW a senior (not woot woot).

Finally I am on my patio pen in hand, ready. The wind is blowing 20 to 40 mph. I am determined. Off blows the Pepsi. Papers ruffle and bend. The dogs yelp to go in. The sun is behind clouds, and I hear thunder.  

Maybe tomorrow.


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  1. Posted by Michelle on June 1, 2011 at 2:24 am

    Isn’t it the truth?!? Oh, we have dreams and reality does hit — the “storms” of life! Love your description. My favorite is your last paragraph — finally on the patio and the real storms are arriving. (Not your favorite, I’m sure! Stay safe!) Thanks for the giggle and smile knowing that I can relate! Summer is here, you’ll get that morning of peace. Sometimes we just have to have a little patience.


  2. Best laid plans, etc. It’s nice you could check off some of your list, just not the one you envisioned. We are wishing for some rain, & others, like you, keep getting more & more. I like the way you led us into the storms of your early vacation!


  3. Close your eyes and hold on tight – it seems that the whirlwind of the school year is quickly overcome by the carnival of summer craziness!


  4. I like your outlook . . . maybe tomorrow. Keep the faith that you will get at least one day that resembles your envisioned plans.


  5. Posted by the other ruth on June 1, 2011 at 4:44 pm

    Love this! I can relate, though my kids are slightly younger–my “break” so far seems to be a lot of laundry and yard work and more taxi driving than I thought possible. But yesterday had moments of what I was looking for, and today the sun is shining, there is a (gentle!) breeze, and my porch is ready. I hope your days settle soon–along with the wind!


  6. Yay for patios and lounging outside! You will get there eventually…and you will enjoy it more. Stay determined.


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