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E is For…

E is for ELATED, EXCITED, EAGER, EXUBERANT, EUPHORIC, and ECSTATIC!!! Those are all good words for first grade and first graders but tonight it’s all about the teacher!

I just discovered I get to go to the workshop I so badly wanted to go to in Indiana this summer! Not only is my school paying for the workshop, they are paying for my meals the two days I am there. I am so EXCITED!

I’m going to get to see some of my gurus. I’m going to get to listen to some amazing authors and presenters. I’m going to get to meet teachers and “slicing” friends from outside of Oklahoma!

So as you can see although this post is pretty short and isn’t about my Energetic first graders (and boy are they Energetic with 10 days left of school), it is full of Eagerness and Enthusiasm for the chance to be in the presence of amazing people.


On a side note I Enrolled in two graduate classes for this fall and as I looked through the textbooks I will need I discovered that Reading With Meaning by Debbie Miller is on both class lists.

I think it may be karma!


D is for….

You never know what Direction we will go in first grade. I can go in with the best intentions, and lesson plans and then something happens, or something is said that changes the whole course of my day. And being the well-seasoned, organized, teach-on-the-fly type of teacher that I am what do I do? Do I rein them back in and get back to the task at hand? Do I quiet the crowd and pull out my next strategic lesson? Do I throw up my hands, scold, and remind them why we are here? Uuhhhh NO.

For instance this morning we were in the middle of morning procedures, flag salutes, journaling, independent reading, and attendance when a fellow teacher came in with a question about next years’ calendar. I had been working with the kiddos on a math problem we had come up with about our word wall. I finished up with the kids and went to talk to the teacher. The kids continued to work on the math problem, and write in their journals as the teacher and I discussed the calendar.

A few of the kids became antsy so I got them moved onto independent reading and the teacher and I continued our discussion. It was about then the PreK teacher came in and asked one of us to watch her class; she’d had a child throw up and the rest were sitting in the hall away from the mess.  The other teacher stepped out into the hall to keep an eye on them while I answered questions and got kids back on track (they seem to think if the teacher is having a conversation so can they).

After the teacher came back in and we finished up; I stepped out and whispered to the PreK kiddos to come in. They looked at me with a look of “stranger danger” but one plucky little one hopped up and came in. Diffidently the rest followed suit. I had each of my kids take a prek-er and get a book to read to them. They were Delighted! Both sets of kids were so excited and thrilled; one to read to, and the other to be a “big reader.”

After a while their teacher returned and was so surprised to find them in my room. She sat down and watched. It was about then we both decided we needed to snap some pictures (to come later camera left at school :/).

Thirty minutes later the prek-ers were in line ready to head out. One of my kiddos came up to me and said “can we do this again?” “I don’t know, do you want to,” I replied. “Yes!” “Well go ask their teacher.” She walked over as the prek-ers were leaving and asked: “Mrs. S. can we read to your kids again?” Mrs. S. “Pre-K would you like them to read to you again?” Heads nod in line. Mrs. S. asked, “ok when should we come again?” My kiddo quickly replies, “every Tuesday…at this time.” Mrs. S. looks at me and grins, I too grin, shrug, and nod my head. She looks down and tells my kiddo “well ok then we’ll see you Tuesdays at 9:00.”

My kiddos don’t need my Direction. They know just where they’re heading. I’m so proud.