B is for-

B is for:

First grade is never Boring even when we are testing. Today was day one of testing in first grade. Our school has three separate tests we give in first grade. One state mandated reading test (with three separate parts), a standardized test, and the GATES reading test. We have all our bases covered in testing in first grade.

Since it is testing week and a short week I try to fill the rest of the time with other activities while still working on our first grade skills (still lots of work time left). Writing workshop the next few weeks will be filled with examples of poetry and practice at writing the same. Easter crafts and activities will be made this week, and a unit about our county is leading us into our end of the year fieldtrip.

The morning was spent testing and S and I were shocked when the kids said “this is fun” during our first break. Ok, we thought that’s a good sign. We muddled through the rest of the first half of the day and saved the second part for tomorrow.

As the day progressed the kids of course began to get a little more “antsy.” Writing workshop was filled with poetry. One little girl showed a poem she had written on her “cover paper” from the morning tests and the kids were invigorated. They wanted to write poetry too! And they did!  Next we made a cute bunny bag, did some rabbit math, and read some stories.

The day was winding to a close and we were gathering on the carpet to discuss our county and what we had learned the day before. As I asked questions I heard a fly hitting the window behind me, and its flyish buzz. This is how it went  from that point:

Teacher: “Who remembers what the name of our county is?”  One boy: “wow look at that fly!”  Teacher ignores, (S snickers). “Who remembers what county we live in?”  Another boy: “that’s a horsefly!” Teacher: “does that have anything to with our county?” Heads shake no. And yet another boy- louder now, that’s a HUGE horsefly!” Teacher-(giving up) “ok come up here and tell us what you know about flies”(not a horsefly). Boy: Silence. Teacher: “Anyone?” Kids all at once: “they are gross” “they land in poop”  “they throw-up on you” Teacher big sigh, OK…room: silent… except for the fly hitting the window and its flyish buzz.

Tomorrow we’ll be writing poetry about FLIES!!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Well, you did say they were attentive on the tests! Fun to hear how much children love the insects. They are fascinating, even flies. It was fun the way you wrote the ending.


  2. So funny! It sounds like they probably all needed that comic relief after testing away.


  3. Posted by elsie on April 20, 2011 at 12:47 pm

    You hit the nail on the head with first grade is not boring! Sometimes it is necessary to take the path they are walking down instead of the road we need to take. Eventually they will get back to the county, you are the smart teacher to realize that. Looking forward to the rest of the alphabet.


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