I’ve Got a New Look!

I woke up this morning nice and early ready to head to Lowes for some spring yard supplies. “Nice and early” my husband said to me last night, “they open at seven; I want to get there before all the other people get out.” So here I am up and ready to go… and there he lies snoring.

No problem I think; I will just write on my blog. Well my “writing” turned into a little more “playing” than writing. I’ve seen many other pages that have interesting and personal layouts, and I’ve always wondered what it takes to make one reflect “me.”

Well I am not quite that “blogging savvy” yet so I piddled and played until I came up with one I can live with (you know how I like to rearrange things) for now. It is still not as “personal” as some of the first grade blogs I’ve seen, but I will get there.

The one thing I do like about this new layout is the list of blogs I follow. Now they are just a click away, and those that visit my site can visit these as well. Under “blogs that inspire me” you will find a list of fellow slicers and favorite bloggers I discovered this month.

The Slice of Life Challenge from The Two Writing Teachers that I participated in throughout March was one of the best things I have done in a long time. I proved to myself that I can write everyday (even when life is crazy). I made great connections and friendships with people like me that I have never even met; teachers, mothers, daughters, women, bloggers…writers.

My view of “ME” changed this spring, and now my blog’s view has changed too!   

I’m glad my hubby decided to sleep in today…


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Michelle on April 2, 2011 at 7:36 pm

    Diggin’ the new look! That is why I love technology — you get to play around and have some fun! If you don’t like it, click back. That’s easy enough! Soon you’ll be able to play around on the iPad too. Can’t wait to hear about it.


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