Momma is Keeping This!

I thought all day of what to write today, which part I liked best, what this writing community has meant to me. But then I read the post for tomorrow, and now that I know we have one more day to rehash, reflect, and remember; I will wait.

So tonight instead of reflecting I will BRAG!!! I’m getting an iPad! I’m getting an iPad! I’m getting an iPad! Welllllll Ok it’s not “the new” iPad. It’s not even “a” new iPad (it’s a year old). But who cares? It’s going to be MY iPad!

At our house it’s usually my daughter that gets the new gadgets. She is in a constant competition with her uncle to be the “first” for the latest and greatest. Yes she is a teenager.  She had the iphone before any of us, and almost before anyone in our town. He had the iphone3 first, and the 4.  It drove her crazy that her uncle was “beating her” (he has a job it takes her longer to save). Then she got my iPhone4 when I finally got an iphone (I got the 3). It did not matter to me; it’s just a phone.

But then the brother/uncle visited with his iPad. I was hooked.  I wanted one. I needed one. I could read on it. I could facebook on it. I could use it with my smart-board at school. The possibilities were endless. I just could not afford one. I am a teacher after all. But I am patient. I waited, and waited.  Finally the call came from my brother, “They’re coming out with a new iPad do you want mine?”


So after much patience and will power MY iPad is on its way. I get my brother’s “old” one (seriously- “old”- a year). I’m so excited! My class will be so excited! My daughter….not so much because momma is keeping this gadget!!!

At least until her uncle gets the “next new one” in ohhhhh about a year.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Michelle on April 1, 2011 at 3:13 am

    Cute slice! I’m jealous! Enjoy your new “old” gadget!


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