I have a surprise for my mom. So please shhhhh nobody tell her.  She’ll drive me crazy until it happens, so I don’t yet want her to know. She’ll whoop and holler and want to go, go go. You see my son her grandson has played baseball since the age of four. But when he graduated from high school he just didn’t want to play anymore. We begged and pleaded and told him he would miss the game. But his heart was no longer in it; he’d made his mind up. So we had to do the same.

But now he is older and has finally admitted he likes to play for fun. The competition really isn’t his thing, and he does not like to run. But he has joined TWO softball teams, and he plays twice a week. One is a college intramural but the other is a city league!

When he was here last week I asked him (when he was in a good mood). “Do you think I could bring grandma to watch you play?” She always loved it so, and she would think it really cool. “You’d have to come to the city league game, but I think It’d be ok”, he said. I had to hide smile and just nodded my head. “She’ll really like that; you know she was one of your greatest fans.” But it was his mom that did the happy dance when he left the room.

I’m waiting on his schedule before I break the news. My student teacher’s husband is playing in this league too. I hope they play each other. We’ll all go down and clap and cheer for both teams, so no one will know were grandma and mother.

So please shhhh keep my secret. I don’t want her to know just yet. The weather has to be just right and the schedule I haven’t seen. But when it arrives and I know when we can go I’ll call her up say let’s go we have a game to see. Somehow I think she’s going to find out, I can hear the screams as this she reads.

Did I mention she is one of my kid’s greatest fans? Well she kinda feels the same about me!


4 responses to this post.

  1. I love this post–your excitement oozes from every word. Enjoy the games!


  2. Posted by the other ruth on March 23, 2011 at 8:54 pm

    She’s gonna love it!
    I loved reading this–your excitement just pours out onto the page (screen?). My very favorite line is the one with the happy dance. We use that phrase here and do the dance, so I know exactly what you mean.


  3. Posted by MaryHelen on March 24, 2011 at 1:06 am

    I “ditto” what the other ruth said. Your excitement makes me want to come and watch. What a fun memory to create. Cheer on!


  4. I love the set up of your post and the breathlessness of it – like I’ve been pulled into the closet for the sharing of the secret.


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