Husband vs The Cable Guy

The cable man finally showed up at 5PM yesterday. The whole house was a mess. Spring cleaning at its finest. Furniture being moved, papers all over the floor that had fallen from the cabinets on the desk (I told him we should unload them). The whole house was a disarray, and so was I, I had been without the internet ALL day.

We first tried a new wireless router. Nope wasn’t it. So we went to the cable office and picked up a new modem. Nope wasn’t it. New wires, nope, so I called the cable company. I live in Oklahoma. I got Arizona. Bill paid? Yep. Three technicians later; “we’ll be sending out a technician between 3 and 9pm. Seriously?

So he arrives amongst all the mess, and finds the modem. “I think it’s your connection.” Husband thinks not. They go outside. “Yeah these are hooked up all wrong.” Husband, “really?” “They’ve worked for ten years now” (he hooked them up).

 Terry the cable guy rewires them. “That should do it.” Husband, “sure you don’t want to check the pole?”

“Nah this should do it.” It did not.

Husband shows the cable guy the pole. “I’ll have to get my ladder,” Pulls the ladder from the truck as husband walks to the pole. Husband, “not going to need that ladder.”  Cable guy looks up. The box is in front of him.

Looks in the box, looks at husband, “hmmm, looks like it’s our problem.” “Someone will be out tomorrow between 3 and 9pm to fix it.”

Husband, “you tell my wife.”

Me, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” Two days without internet, no slicing again! Grrrrrr.

The good news is my furniture is all moved, house is clean, we have a new wireless router and modem. AND I have a brand new reading/writing nook!


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  1. Posted by Michelle on March 17, 2011 at 2:26 am

    Yea! There is always a sunny side to every situation! Great story and dialogue. I think I’ve heard those exact conversations verbatim with our cable guys and my husband! Made me laugh…especially when your hubby said, “You tell my wife.” Glad you are reconnected! Enjoy your new space! (So jealous!)


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