Fire in the sky



If you live in the plains you know all about the spring burning season. Here in Oklahoma it can start as early as late January and continue as late as early June, depending on our weather.  On a warm spring evening on the prairie one of the prettiest and scariest sights is a pasture fire.  

It’s an oxymoron on the plains. The fire is brilliant and beautiful, breathtaking and bright in the light of day or darkest of night skies. But in the same instance it is frightening and fearsome. The flames stretch into the chasm of sky, and light the entire horizon on fire, wind feeding its intense hunger.

There is an oxymoron that lives within my house as well. My son as soon to be senior at OSU is working toward his degree in Rangeland Management. He is the one that builds these fires. He helps farmers and ranchers start the fires to burn the dry and choking forage. The fires are used to ward off unintended fires that endanger their crop and livestock.

And then there is my husband. He puts out fires. He is a volunteer fireman for our community. He has spent the last fifteen years putting out grass fires to protect our family and friends, our homes, and the farmers’ crops and livestock.  

Although their objective may be contradictory their purpose is the same. Like the fire that balances life on the prairie, my son and husband balance its effect, its ambition, and our lives.


4 responses to this post.

  1. I am so thankful when bloggers include pictures of their spaces – it’s a way for me to armchair travel!
    I’m surprised that the season for these fires can last so long.


    • I love that “armchair travel” We have been in a drought this year so the fires may continue into summer…but we hope not, it’s hard on allergy sufferers like me 🙂


  2. Love your alliteration in the 2nd paragraph! It is interesting that you have the fire lighter and snuffer in the same house. Don’t you love the word oxymoron?


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