More Potatoes

  We are learning a lot about potatoes in first grade. Today we made a potato journal and drew sketches of our “spud.” The journals are 6 inches by 4 inches and held together with a popsicle stick and rubber band. These are fast and easy and the kids think it is cool to make a book from a popsicle stick. I cut the paper, punch two holes in the left side, pull one end of the rubber band through the top hole, slip the popsicle stick through it then repeat in the bottom hole. Wha-la a book or journal!

We have also made a “bubble map.” This is a variation of a KWL chart with a twist. Not only are we writing what we know, wonder, and learned, we are using map skills by integrating a map key or legend. Each part of the “map” is written in a different color and recorded in the legend. Brown is for Know, Black for Wonder, and Red for what we have Learned. The kids thought it was so cool to learn about the key they almost forgot about the potatoes!

So far we have learned that potatoes are tubers, they have eyes, and that many chips are made from potatoes. One of my girls insisted she does not like potatoes. “Do you like potato chips?” “Yes.” “Do you like French fries?” “Yes but I do not like potatoes.” But you like things made by potatoes.” “Yes, but I don’t like any potatoes.” There was no convincing her…yet!


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  1. I’ve been gathering pictures by first graders to use for our all-school banner project so I am imagining your potato illustrations.


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