Hooray for Biography Day!

 I love teaching first grade. My kiddos always make me smile and I am continually in awe of the way their minds think, and the amazing things they can do and come up with.

In honor of Dr. Seuss today we of course read his books, made his hat to wear, and ate green eggs and ham (“these are the best eggs we’ve ever had Mrs. Klinger”), and after reading his biography we wrote our own biographies. The effort they put into them and seriousness of their task was heartwarming. I loved hearing what they wrote when we shared them. Even my most reluctant writer wrote and shared his biography. He wrote his full name, his birthday and address, and that his favorite food is “gummies!”

Not only were these biographies informative about the child; they were a great assessment tool for the things we have been discussing and learning this year. One boy wrote that he “lives in a community and it’s the country.” We have just finished a unit on the different types of communities.  One child wrote his entire address including his zip code. We have been working on that since August. And one child wrote “my favorite thing to do is read!!!” HOORAY for Dr. Seuss and biography day! One girl wanted to know if she could just mention her “favorite” family member, not all of them (she is one four girls in her family). The information that came from this lesson was enlightening, informative, entertaining and beyond my expectations.

I am going to type each biography, put their picture with them, and make them into “book jackets” for the kids to put on each of the stories they write in writing workshop.

As the kids were lining up for recess my student teacher told me that one kiddo said “Mrs. Johnson D is a really good writer.” She suggested he tell D that, so as they went out the door she heard him telling D that he thought he was a really good writer, and he wished he could write as well as he does, but he’s just not as good yet. I asked what D had said in return. She said oh he just looked up and grinned, and then they went out and played together. D is my shyest of children and almost never completes a project or shares. Hooray!

One other project we did today was to read; A Wocket in my Pocket. We then made our own rhyming “critters” for a pocket. One of my very sweet and quiet girls had some trouble deciding what to name hers. Finally she brought me a picture and her “pocket” that said “there’s a trow in my shower and all does is p and poop.” As I hid my grin, I asked if she had followed the directions, and did she think her mom would like what she had written? She shook her head and went back to her seat. Finally she brought me her new “critter” and her pocket that said in the most beautiful handwriting: “The tocket is in my pocket and all it does is eat. And I don’t like it!” 

I LOVE first graders!!! Hooray!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Great stories from today! First graders are AMAZING when they know you know they can do whatever is asked of them. They are lucky to have you as their teacher. Way to go!


    • Every day is a joy with first graders! I love it when they see in each other what they don’t (or can’t) see in themselves. Kudos to you for igniting their flame for writing. It is amazing what you can assess through writing, huh? Good stuff.


  2. What a fun day! It’s the biggest high when your students are successful (and go beyond your expectations!) You must be doing something(s) right!! Congratulations!! You must share your “best ever” egg recipe! 🙂


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