Taking a leap

I have spent the entire summer (and most of the last two years) coveting the sites in the world of blogger’s. Last year I stumbled onto Ree Drummond’s “Pioneer Woman” and I was hooked! I have always wanted to be a writer, write children’s stories, and poetry, but have had those self inflecting thoughts so many deal with; “what makes me think I can write, nobody would buy my work, people will laugh at my ideas, it’s already been done, nobody even knows where Oklahoma is, I need to live in New York or Chicago” and the biggest, “there isn’t enough time!”
Enter Ree Drummond, we are from the same county in nowhere Oklahoma! She lives just miles down the highway from me! She home schools her children. I am a teacher! She moved here from a big city. I grew up in a big city! She married a sexy, rich, rancher. I’m married!!! She wrote a cookbook. I cook!!! She takes pictures of the beautiful horses, cattle, and prairie of their ranch. I have a camera, and live next to a pasture with horses!!! Do you see the similarities? It’s scary how alike we are! I felt it was destiny. I too can write about teaching, food, family, friends, and my sexy husband!
But as much as I coveted Ree’s work it was The Two Writing Teacher’s that moved me forward. Each week they have great classroom teaching tips, insights into the education world, and a weekly blog they call “Slice of Life.” It was this that spurred me into creating a blog. I have even decided to rename and revamp my morning journal writing time in my classroom into “a slice of first grade life.” I am anxious to see how it works….I’ll keep you “posted!”
So it is now days before school starts (when I should be cleaning desks, and hanging bulletin boards) that I have decided to begin my own blogging journey. I know that I will never be a Ree Drummond, nor am I as insightful, and creative as The Two Writing Teachers . But as Katie Ray Woods tells us in her book Wondrous Words; “Like any other crafts people, professional writers know that to learn their craft, they must stand on the shoulders of writers that have gone before them.”
That’s what I’m doing. I am trying to stand on the shoulders of those great blogger’s that have come before me. And who knows maybe someone, some day, will decide to stand on my shoulders and take a leap of faith, as I am today.


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  1. Posted by Shirley Hoyle on August 15, 2010 at 9:10 pm

    I will look forward to your posts, your thoughts and your insights. I think anybody involved in the daily life of our small children has A LOT to offer all of us. It might come from the smallest observation to the biggest nightmare imaginable! But these children are our nations future, so let’s see (through the eyes of an educator) where they are going, how they see current events and what we can do to help them. Or how they can help us!!!!!


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